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Like the many fairs he organizes, Paul Obadia advocates the value of innovation and challenge. We must constantly renew ourselves in order to attract and continue to rule a difficult sector constantly demanding ideas. The environment of these fairs also imposes a financial consideration in order not to be "too expensive" for exhibitors.


Adapting to new forms of distribution is not the only requirement. Internet is progressing and it is necessary to have more pedagogy, simulation exercises and demonstrations. Paul Obadia strongly believes that "it is the marriage of smartphone and exhibition that will soon make people come in the fairs." Visitors can prepare their journey ; smartphones used as GPS to navigate between aisles, QR codes will appear on all products to compare them directly.


We already hear the little voice that says "you just arrived at destination!" "It is a huge digital revolution announced in the near future, 5 to 10 years. We will try to give dynamism, send sms to registered people, announce flash sales ... ". The acceleration of new technologies requires people to form themselves gradually. Perhaps here is an idea of ​​a new fair to organize ? For now, exhibitors are not ready ; "Some, though minority, are still resistant to digital and prefer the use of paper for all their activities."


" The Fair is an old lady adept of makeover ; it makes sense when one is 73 years old . " Indeed, the Nice International Fair entered its 73th year in March 2016 and proudly celebrated around sport and wellness, welcoming "Euro 2016 ".

Bionazur Fair celebrating its 18th edition while the creators had been “treated crazy" in 1999, the Real Estate one its 11th year and Agecotel its 28th chapter ; proof is given that the team maintains Nicexpo enthusiastically emulating such events for many years . With much enthusiasm and involvement, Paul Obadia therefore takes the reins of these organizations since the 1st of July 1993.


The scenery side is always interesting and thematic exhibitions are attracting more and more people. "The general exhibitions are increasingly difficult to endure ; must now give a very precise orientation , much like old couples who don’t find out more ." So, it is better quality than quantity. Focused on professionals or classic consumers, successful fairs then depends on the purpose, both thematically and financially. The great unknown remains the news and random temporal fluctuations that submit events to direct consequences, even if we choose well in advance the dates as being the most favorable.


Upcoming events of the Nice organization Master
You can find the Bionazur Fair from the 2nd to the 4th of September 2016 around organic products and ecotourism.

The next International Fair of Nice will take place from the 4th to the 13th of March 2017 with the theme "optimistic", "because today it is nice to see people more optimistic than sad, out of the gloom and smiling at life". The fair will also be mainly oriented towards new and renewable energy technologies, subjects on the rise and that will give a little "punch" to our future.



The 11th edition of the Real Estate Fair will also be held in the month of March 2017 where Nicexpo team is considering the invention of other distribution schemes to propose new solutions and attracting people increasingly varied. "We're doomed not to make copy-pastes ".



As for the next Agecotel Fair around the hotels and restaurants, you will discover the latest trends and innovations from the 4th to the 7th of February 2018.



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