Exhibition : "Iris in Paris".

"Le bon marché rive gauche" have the honor to have one of the most important exhibition about the fashion icon Iris Apfel, an exhibition named "Iris in Paris" where she present ten looks for the Parisian life. 


Iris Apfel is a fashion icon, she have work like an interior designer like for the white house for 9 presidents. She is famous because her look is just unique. She wear a look of things, and she have an exactly idea of what she want and what she like to wear. 


Also, You can discover during this amazing exhibition a capsule collection of some favoroites articles of the icon. 


Le bon marché - 24 rue de Sévres, Paris. - Exhibition start on February 27 2016 to April 16, 2016. 



By Killian Vartore.

Exhibition : Niele Toroni "En passant".

“It’s not me who leaves imprints, it’s a no. 50 paintbrush.” Niele Toroni.


Marian Goodman Gallery is pleased to present for the first time at 79, rue du Temple an exhibition of Niele Toroni. En passant will present new paintings on canvas, oil cloth and paper as well as two site-specific interventions.


Niele Toroni belongs to the first generation of European minimalist painters active since the 1960s. His practice aims to “affirm the existence of painting as such.” His working method, sometimes considered radical, is as famous as it is unvarying: since 1967, he has been applying, on every type of surface, imprints of a no. 50 paintbrush at regular intervals of 30 cm. While there is no privileged color, the imprints in any given work are monochrome, and thus no “travail/peinture” (work/painting) is “ever alike, just as no imprint of a no. 50 paintbrush is ever alike.”


Toroni, who does not think of himself as an artist but as a painter, declares that his work comes into view, and must be absorbed “with a single glance.” He thus rejects all forms of subjectivity; the imprints of no. 50 paintbrush convey no message or mood, they tell no story. “I do not visualize ideas: I apply a paintbrush, the imprints of the paintbrush become visible, and this (the work/painting) may be generative of new ideas.” 


The critical dimension of his work explores the meaning of pictorial activity, but, in contrast to the minimalist or conceptual approach, the gesture is essential. Therefore, although he does not sign his name on the material he uses, in over forty years Niele Toroni has never delegated the task of creating imprints to an assistant.


Niele Toroni

En passant

March 5 – April 16, 2016

Opening reception: Saturday March 5, 6-8pm

Serge Gainsbourg and the Hotel Raphael Paris reunited for an unique photo exhibition !

Serge Gainsbourg , a drink in hand at the bar of the hotel raphel , or at the doors of his suite become iconic ... many iconic images that are now etched into the walls of the hotel.


For over 35 years Gerard Schachmes shots the biggest celebrities like Brigitte Bardot or like her friend Celine Dion.


It is now a fully dedicated to Serge Gainsbourg exhibition will be honored in the Raphael hotel .


Temporary exhibition of the photographer Gerard Schachmes at the Raphael Paris Hotel from February 25 to April 11, 2016 .

" A Parisian Palace " by Andre Bercoff celebrates the 90 years of Bristol Paris.


To celebrate his 90th anniversary, Bristol Paris back in time through an exceptional book. "A PALACE IN PARIS " pays tribute to the past and modernity of this legendary place, And to those who contributed to its splendor.

" A PALACE IN PARIS " traces 90 years of daily Bristol Paris. The journalist and writer André Bercoff takes us on a journey through time.

New exhibitions in Rennes, France : Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.

From 25/03/2016 to 28/08/2016, Rennes. 3 places :  Les Champs Libres / Frac Bretagne / Le parlement de Bretagne. 


1 city , 3 places, 4 exhibitions

Amazing exhibition in Brussels : ANDRE JUILLARD : "Exquises Esquisses".

On 17 decembre to January 24th, 2016, the gallery Huberty and breyne of Brussels-sablon exposes one of the most talented draftsmen of the 9eme art : Andre Juillard. Through about fifty sketches, crayonnes since the middle of 80, the exhibition of Delicious Sketchs show a sensitive works and delicates, kept over time by the author. 




from October 9th till December 20th, 2015


Tribute to Choi Seung-Hee, The Isadora Duncan of Orient

Yang Sun- OK and his set

 on Saturday, November 28th at 6 pm and Sunday, November 29th at 5 pm Quai Branly Museum, Theater Claude Lévi-Strauss




First French retrospective

devoted to the work of Yoko Ono


from March 9 to July 10, 2016



Visual artist , musician , video artist , Originally of the performance , committed to peace , Yoko Ono helps to expand and redefine the art of our time . 


Her texts and poems , true scores , borrow all forms of visual culture : performing arts, musical , equity shares , paintings, installations, films ... giving to her an essential place in the imagination.


Of nearly 3000  m², this new exhibition , between sharing and experimentation, retraces 60 years of creation.


More here : http://www.mac-lyon.com/mac/sections/fr/expositions/2016/yoko_ono/

The Comité Colbert publishes Dreaming 2074.

The Comité Colbert publishes Dreaming 2074: An Utopia Created by French Luxury in Japan and collaborates with Tokyo University of the Arts.

Saluting the creativity of Japanese science fiction, the Comité Colbert is publishing the Japanese version of Dreaming 2074: A Utopia Created by French Luxury on October 29, 2015.


The English and French versions of this digital work, available for downloading free of charge at www.rever2074.com, have already attracted more than 20,000 readers. In light of the affinities between Japan and French luxury, as well as the Japanese penchant for the sci-fi genre, Dreaming 2074 is sure to draw a large audience.


Young artists are already on board with the project. The launch of Dreaming 2074 has led to an unprecedented Colbert collaboration with Tokyo University of the Arts.

Japanese students will be asked to produce works of plastic, graphic or multi-media art reinterpreting French luxury's utopia, to be exhibited in Tokyo and subsequently in Paris.


"The encounter between the 'future forward' dream of French luxury and imaginative young Japanese artists promises to be very fruitful. Fostering intercultural dialogue is an important mission of the Comité Colbert, and this project is an excellent example," points out Elisabeth Ponsolle des Portes, President and CEO of the Comité Colbert.

                         TRANOÏ                       Announcing our new venue for 2016 ! Cité de la Mode et du Design.

From January 2016, TRANOÏ will include Les Docks - Cité de la Mode et du Design , located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, as a venue for its Paris trade shows; Tranoï Homme & Preview and Tranoï Femme.


La Cité has been selected due to its significantly larger floor space, and being an emblem of contemporary design, it is coherent with the modern and avant-garde image of Tranoï and the collections of its designers.


The new site, along with the long-standing venue Palais de la Bourse, will host the simultaneous trade shows Tranoï Homme & Tranoï Preview Autumn/Winter 2016-17 next year, 23 - 25 January . As for Tranoï Femme AW1617 taking place March 4 - 7, three sites will be used: Palais de la Bourse, Carrousel du Louvre and la Cité.


Services to provide easy navigation between the venues for visitors are being developed, which will include possible transportation between Palais de la Bourse and la Cité using the Seine river. Registered visitors will be provided with one entrance pass that will allow free access to both entrance to the venues and transportation.




Street holy Roch, course in 3 places:








"Say it with pearls!"

In 1893, company founder Kokichi Mikimoto became the first person to develop pearl farming. When he did so, global demand for pearls was rising and the unrestricted harvesting of pearl oysters was becoming increasingly rare each year. Mikimoto's vision and technique shocked jewelers and experts at that time and profoundly influenced the fashion industry. Today, his family-run business remains the world leader in the production of cultured pearls meeting strict quality controls. Only 10% of the finest pearls reach the required standard for use in Mikimoto jewelry. Here Flaviène Barbier, the director of the French affiliate, shares her passion for these unique gemstones… By Carla de Wendel



Kokichi Mikimoto is credited with inventing the modern pearl farming industry. What do you say to that?

Kokichi Mikimoto was a true pioneer in the history of pearl farming and a genius in its development with an incredible understanding of marketing. With targeted advertising and organization of the pearl market, he supported an industry that would adorn millions of women around the world. Mikimoto invented the cultured pearl. He filed the invention patent in 1896 and devoted his life to it.


What gave you your passion for pearls?

When I was a girl, I would play with my grandmother's pearls. I think that I've always loved wearing pearls. Later when I joined Mikimoto, I came across wonders that I hadn't even imagined.


What makes pearls more fascinating than any other jewelry?

Although men wore pearls in previous centuries, pearls are really women's jewelry. And like women, pearls are unique. It's always fascinating to see different facets, colors and lights every time. It's the magic of the Orient.


Pearls are once again a must-have. How would you explain this return to favor?

There have always been "pearl-wearing ladies". Pearls are like little black dresses: both are essential in any stylish woman's wardrobe. Let's not forget that it's the woman who makes the jewelry and not the jewelry that makes the woman. Pearls have always been a must-have. Today we've reinvented the way of wearing them. Clean lines, volumes for rings and most importantly a number of long, layered strings. No more short necklaces like granny used to wear!


Why do we call pearls the tears of the Gods?

That's just one Persian legend of many! In Ancient China, it was the moon that had the power to grow pearls. The Greeks thought that pearls were formed by the dew that fell from the moon onto floating oysters at night! The Romans attributed pearls to Venus! Closer to home, a bride wore pearls to stop her tears on her wedding day.


Why have pearls always been associated with femininity?

Pearls symbolize birth. A pearl is born from an oyster. Women give life.


Who buys pearls today?

We have clients from all over the world, of all ages and all social backgrounds.


Which pearl goes with which woman, in your view?

Everyone, there isn't just one category of pearl. There are as many different pearls as there are women.


Is it true that men prefer pearls?

Yes, because they're Mikimoto's biggest client. For these gentlemen, it goes without saying that the woman in their life wears pearls. Pearls are a symbol of femininity, softness and glamour. It's always very moving to guide a man through choosing a pearl because we ask him to tell us about his wife's skin tone, the color of her eyes and hair… It’s a real statement of love.


Why are baroque pearls reserved for unique pieces and are they popular with connoisseurs?

Baroque pearls have an irregular shape: they're an error of nature but a treat for the eyes. It's impossible to create collections because no two are alike. That's why we create unique pieces from baroque pearls.


What gives a pearl its shine and iridescence?

Technically it's the quality of the nacre layer that creates the life of a pearl. The thicker and more aligned the layers, the more reflections the pearl will have.


It's said that we shouldn't lend pearls. Why not?

To stay beautiful, your necklace should be worn because it needs to be hydrated and "takes" part of you. A pearl necklace shouldn't be lent but it can be passed on.

Pearl necklaces are the symbol of filial love between a mother and her daughter, or a grandmother and her granddaughter.


Is it true that pearls enhance the complexion?

There's no better beauty cream. They add radiance to the face like thousands of meteorites…


A lot is said about "Gold" pearls. What makes them so special?

Their rarity. Their beauty. Their uniqueness. Mikimoto has always had Gold pearls but the general public isn't familiar with them.


What for you are the finest pieces ever created by Mikimoto?

Those that are still to be created! But right now, I have a soft spot for the "Perle à croquer" collection. It's a diamond set in a pearl. It's a really wonderful piece of jewelry. But all Mikimoto's collections have a unique charm: they're extraordinary creations that I always admire. The brand has never compromised to cut production costs by lowering quality. The diamonds are meticulously chosen and the pearls quite simply perfect.


What do you think is the best way to wear a pearl necklace?

A pearl necklace can be worn all day long. Long or short. Classic, sexy or glamorous. It captures all the facets of a woman.

Denise "Nouna"

Denise aka "Nouna" graduated from the École Supérieure des Arts Modernes in Paris.

After first working in interior design in the industrial and commercial sector, she moved into sculpture in 1992.

She then joined the studio of the sculptor Myriam Franck, where she experimented with various styles.


At the request of the design agency "Art Tempo", she worked collaboratively for a short period and explored new ideas without abandoning her own creations.

That led her to create a number of pieces inspired by advertising.


"La femme coquillage", "La femme parfum" and "La bouche, l'art du silence"


She has also sculpted several academic nudes but her heritage drew her to a freer style inspired by primitive and African art in particular.

It was then that she decided to sign her work with her middle name: Nouna.


For her, sculpture is the most authentic way to express her changing sensibilities.


Following Paris, Monaco, New York and Doha, Nouna is an artist to watch out for in future exhibitions...

Pérez Art Museum Miami

From Miami to Key West…


Miami, Florida's must-visit city, has more to offer today than sunshine and beaches. The new Jorge Perez Art Museum, named after its biggest donor, is a fantastic example. Were it not for the fortune of this successful real estate developer, a legendary figure in Miami, the museum would never have got off the ground. It involved a gift of $35 million, contributions from other donors such as the Bank of America and $200 million for Basel-based architects Herzog and de Meuron to design the building, following the Tate Modern and Beijing National Stadium.


The stunning transparent building in Key Biscayne features 67 vertical hanging gardens created by the famous French botanist Patrick Blanc, which lower the temperature by ten degrees. They are yet another amazing feat for the museum, which staged the first exhibition of the Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei in the United States, According to What?, in partnership with Mori Art Museum Tokyo.


Upstairs there is an incredible exhibition of private donations whilst the ground floor includes a restaurant and gift shop, which visitors to this year's Art Basel are sure to love.


Yes, Miami is also hosting Art Basel, the unmissable contemporary art show that presents top talent and draws enthusiasts from around the world to both day- and night-time events in December.


The restaurants aren't to be outdone with db Bistro Moderne by the famous New York-based French chef Daniel Boulud, whose modern, streamlined interior and innovative cuisine is a real treat for a select few. The menu showcases French produce like escargots, pâté en croûte and coq au vin with Boulud's trademark flourishes. The wine list is superb and the service impeccable.






EXHIBITION / Exposition


EXHIBITION / Exposition


EXHIBITION / Exposition



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